Want More Project Capacity WITHOUT Overwhelming Your Teams?

Help Them MASTER Their Time & Task Management With...

The Project Leader TimeMastery® System

Developing Your Design-Build Teams Into Project Leaders Who Fuel Your Business Growth Is What We Do Best

  • Zero Computer Skills Needed
  • For engineering, design-build, and EPCM businesses
  • Easy integrations with tools your project people use daily

Help Your Project People Win Back Time In Their Workday By Mastering These 4 Key Skills

Leading Effective Meetings

Building Strong Relationships

Streamlining Team Collaboration

Linking Performance To Business Results

How does the Project Leader TimeMastery® System save time?

  • Reduces the amount of time your people spend in ineffective meetings
  • Decodes and helps solve team tensions that slow projects down
  • Centralizes project actions items, needs, and goals (so you can forget all the time-consuming spreadsheets)
  • Eliminates chasing status updates on actions items while building team accountability
  • ​Helps build more team comraderie and direct feedback inside everday project work
  • ​Links your Project Leader's development goals directly to project and business outcomes (instead of waiting for annual performance reviews)
  • ​Helps you assess how saving time impacts your business bottom line in real time

So you can ultimately...

  • Create more time in your project people's workday for their development to become Project Leaders who fuel your business growth!

Project Leaders Are The Foundation Of Your Design-Build Business Success 

Your project results are only as good as the people who deliver them!

Without Project Leaders

  • Task Managers
  • Lack of Accountability
  • ​Team Conflict
  • ​Disengagement & Turnover
  • ​Limited Business Growth

With Project Leaders

  • People Leaders
  • Fully Accountable Team Members
  • Collaborative Project Environment
  • ​Engaged Employees That Stay
  • ​Sustainable Business Growth

Do You Like The Idea Of High-Performing Project Leaders?

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The Project Leader TimeMastery® System
is a complete Coaching & Toolkit Solution, powered by our partner The Predictive Index, that helps your Project Leaders...

Boost Their Performance By:

Leading Effective Meetings

Inefficient meetings are a drag. There's nothing more soul-crushing than back-to-back meetings where your Project Leaders feel they can't get any work done.

With the Project Leader TimeMastery® System, we show you how to help your Project Leaders lead GREAT meetings that are efficient, effective, and cut down on meeting duration... WITHOUT herding cats for project status updates.

With the PI Perform Toolkit, your Project Leaders can...

  • Collaborate on meeting agendas with all participants.
  • Capture key points and action items in real time during the meeting.
  • Automate status updates reminders for action items and goals.
  • ​Integrate the toolkit inside software your teams use everyday including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google, Slack, etc.

Boost Their Performance By:

Building Strong Relationships

Project Leaders are great managers! They prioritize building strong relationships with their direct reports, team members, and business leadership.

With the Project Leader TimeMastery® System, your Project Leaders gain valuable insights into their unique workstyle, the different workstyles of their teammates, and how they can best work together for project success.

With the PI Perform Toolkit, your Project Leaders can...

  • Gain insight into their unique project leadership workstyle.
  • Understand the workstyle of others and how to best lead and inspire to accomplish project goals.
  • Develop habits of providing regular feedback and recognition to their direct reports and teammates.
  • ​Take the "ew" out of formal performance revi"ew"s with themes and AI-generated feedback suggestions that are fully editable, to speed up the review process. 

Boost Their Performance By:

Streamlining Team Collaboration

Design-Build projects are complex. There are many moving parts, managed by lots of people, and it's not easy to get the accountability part right.

With the Project Leader TimeMastery® System, your Project Leaders can centralize their team interactions, making it clear and easy to track who's doing what, who needs what, and when it's done.

With the PI Perform Toolkit, your Project Leaders can...

  • Create private digital workspaces with all of their direct reports to centralize 1-to-1 communication of individual needs, actions, and development goals.
  • Create team digital workspaces to centralize interdiscipline project communication, needs, and action items.
  • Encourage the whole project team to give feedback and recognition to each other in one centralized place.
  • Keep a pulse on the closure of action items with a customizable manager's dashboard.

Boost Their Performance By:

Linking Their Results With Your Business Goals

Delivering successful projects grows your design-build business. Having visibility into how your people and projects contribute to your business goals helps keep you on track to hit your plan.

With the Project Leader TimeMastery® System, we show you how to connect your business goals with project and individual development goals and track their progress.

With the PI Perform Toolkit, your Project Leaders can...

  • See the bigger picture about the business goals and how they fit into the plan.
  • Create and track project goals and metrics that align with your business objectives.
  • Create and track their individual development goals that align with project and business objectives.
  • ​Influence the Project Team Culture to create a workplace where everyone on the team does their best work.

Boost Their Performance By:

Having Access to a Design-Build Project Leadership Coach

Having a toolkit is great and what's even better is having an expert coach in your corner to guide your Project Leaders through the implementation, answer their questions, and keep them on track.

Inside the Project Leader TimeMastery® System, your Project Leaders will attend 4 x 60-minute Group Coaching Sessions live with Jennifer Glatz, P.Eng. PMP - she's an expert in EPCM Design-Build Project Delivery.

The Group Coaching Sessions include:

  • Masterclass 1: The Project Leader's Meeting Framework
  • Masterclass 2: Strengthening 1-to-1 Project Relationships
  • Masterclass 3: Boosting Collaboration In Team Workspaces
  • ​Masterclass 4: Integrating Development Into Everyday Project Work
  • ​Time for Q&A in each live coaching session
  • ​Access to the recordings of the coaching sessions

... AND VIP Email Support for the duration of your enrollment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What all is included in The Project Leader TimeMastery® System?
The Project Leader TimeMastery® System includes 4x Group Coaching Sessions (up to 60 minutes each), a 1-year subscription to the PI Perform Toolkit serviced by The Predictive Index, and account support for the lifetime of your subscription.
Where do I go if I have questions or need support after I sign up?
For all inquiries related to our consulting services, clients can access our dedicated Project Leader TimeMastery® VIP support email inbox. We typically respond within 24 hours on business days. For all inquiries related to the PI Perform Toolkit, clients have direct access to the PI Client Support Team.
What topics are covered during the Coaching Sessions?
The Project Leader TimeMastery® Group Coaching Sessions are designed to cover 4 specific topics to help your Project Leaders boost their time management performance: The Project Leader's Meeting Framework, Strengthening 1-to-1 Project Relationships, Boosting Collaboration In Team Workspaces, and Integrating Development Into Everyday Project Work. We also reserve time in each Coaching Session to answer questions.
How are The Project Leader TimeMastery® Coaching Sessions delivered?
The Project Leader TimeMastery® Group Coaching Sessions are scheduled once per week for 4 weeks. These sessions are delivered virtually through the Zoom meeting platform. Clients are NOT required to purchase a Zoom subscription to attend the coaching sessions. Recordings of the Coaching Sessions are provided for your Project Leaders to revisit, as needed.
Is The Project Leader TimeMastery® System a subscription?
The Project Leader TimeMastery® System includes a 1-year subscription to the PI Perform Toolkit serviced by The Predictive Index. Options for 2-year and 3-year subscriptions are available upon request.
Is there month-to-month subscription pricing available?
Subscriptions to the PI Perform Toolkit serviced by The Predictive Index are only available in annual increments, with pricing options for 1, 2, or 3-year subscriptions.
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